Julie M.
adopted Buster, Daze, Eliza, & Tiger
To date, I have adopted 4 seniors from STH and they have all been wonderful, yet very different, but equally loved. Shelter to Home is such a great rescue to deal with and have made each adoption an easy process. People always ask why do I get the “old ones?” Well, I am a big believer in karma, and we are all going to be old someday and need to be cared for. I cannot express how full my heart gets when I bring the seniors into my home to live out their remaining years and see them laying in the sunshine, watching the birds through the window or curled up in bed on a cold winter day.  Those small moments make having seniors by far the best experience ever, knowing they got all the love and comfort they deserve in their golden years. I highly recommend visiting the Cat House in Wyandotte to meet all the cats and see their own unique personalities while they roam around. Shelter to Home and its volunteers are beyond amazing and a pleasure to work with and support!on