What right do we have to do nothing about it?

-Shelter to Home

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Meet Our Adoptable Pets

Featured Pets



Gender: Female

Approximate age: 11 years old

Needs: Diabetic & needs to be the only cat or with cats who are not aggressive



Gender: Male

Approximate age: 4 years old

Needs: Allergy shots & shampoo



Gender: Female

Approximate age: 10 years old

Needs: Special food for allergies and vet care for seizures

Our Values

Every animal is an individual –

  • worthy of being treated with dignity and respect,
  • who should be protected from all forms of cruelty and neglect,
  • who deserves a loving and permanent home,
  • and those with special medical, physical, and behavioral needs deserve services to make them adoptable.

We work as a team with local pounds, shelters, other rescue organizations, and individuals to challenge the regressive beliefs and shelter practices that lead to the killing of animals.

Our Vision

We seek to end the killing of animals in our community’s shelters.

Our Mission

To save animals from shelters in our community by placing them into foster care until permanent homes are found, and to create sustainable solutions to achieve a no kill community.