Lifesaving Statistics

We do not play games with our numbers.

When a Shelter to Home animal is euthanized, it is in the true sense of the word. We do that only in cases where the animal is irremediably suffering and we determine, with the advice of our trusted veterinary partners, that it is the right thing to do for the animal.

The animals we rescue in a given year are not always adopted in the same year. These numbers reflect the things that happened during the calendar year. For example, an animal rescued in 2017 but adopted in 2018 would show as a rescue in 2017 and an adoption in 2018.

The save rates below for the last several years are calculated by dividing the number of animals we lost that year into the number we saved.

The number of animals rescued each year fluctuates based on the need, the number of foster homes we have available, and the level of the animals’ needs. Over the last several years, we have taken on animals with very severe medical needs. Because these animals often need more time to heal before they can be adopted, they tend to slow down the rate at which our foster homes can save more animals. As our local shelters have become more self-sufficient and need our help less, we are able to focus more on the tough cases and less on taking in a large number of animals who are adopted quickly. This is a tradeoff we have accepted, but the more foster homes we have, the more we are able to do both sides – tough cases AND fluffy kittens! Join us and help us save even more lives.


96.8% total save rate
188 lives saved
  • 168 cats rescued
  • 20 dogs rescued
  • ———————————
  • 162 cats adopted
  • 17 dogs adopted
  • ———————————
  • cats we couldn’t save
  • 2 dogs we couldn’t save
  • ———————————
  • 97.6% save rate for cats
  • 90% save rate for dogs


95.1% total save rate
328 lives saved
  • 301 cats rescued
  • 27 dogs rescued
  • ———————————
  • 307 cats adopted
  • 27 dogs adopted
  • ———————————
  • 13 cats we couldn’t save
  • dogs we couldn’t save
  • ———————————
  • 95.7% save rate for cats
  • 88.9% save rate for dogs