Rhonda & Dan
The first time we encountered STH was several years back at one of the Santa Paws events. We thought it was a really wonderful concept, rescuing homeless cats from shelters, and giving them the run of a big, old house (behavior permitting) allowing them the freedom to interact with each other and with the STH volunteers and potential adopters in a comfortable, homelike setting. So much better than a cage at either a shelter or pet store! Since organizations like this only survive financially by donations, and physically by the work of volunteers, we decided to become volunteers & do what we could to help this operation continue & grow. We both love cats, always have, and every time we see or hear of a cat being adopted by someone who will (we hope) love and care for them, it gives us a really good feeling. Sometimes a bit of sadness too, as all of us volunteers will form bonds with this kitty or that one...but overall, definitely a worthwhile endeavor by a lot of dedicated folks!on