Nip It Out!


Fifi’s dream come true! Winding up, and winding down, with baskets (literally) overflowing with catnip everything! The stuffed toys, bell toys, crinkle toys, and more, all nipped up, with cans of catnip, catnip spray, catnip treats, and edible catnip balls! But Wait! Bonus basket full of items because we just couldn’t contain the catnip with one!

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You are purchasing raffle tickets for a chance to win this prize package.

How Winners Will Be Chosen:
  • Each purchased ticket will be assigned a number based on the order of purchase. For example, if Jane is the first to purchase 5 tickets for this prize, her entries will be numbered 1-5. If Paul buys the next 10 tickets, his will be numbered 6-15.
  • When it's time to draw the winners, we will use Google's random number generator to choose the winner.
  • We will take screenshots of the winner selection process.